Boats For Sale In Houston

Boats For Sale In Houston

If you live in Houston, we can’t blame you for wondering if you should buy a boat. Between its many lakes and conduits for ocean-going vessels, it’s a boater’s paradise. Wherever you live in town, you’re at most an hour’s drive away from the ocean, and with that kind of math, you can take your boat out every weekend, whether you’re interested in fishing or taking your family for a day of water skiing or cruising.

The trick is knowing the type of boat to buy for when it comes to boats for sale in Houston, the options border on the endless with some designed for versatility and others for fishing and more laid-back activities like sunbathing. The city’s even got its own boat show that’s been running for over 6 decades now, and it brings everyone from boat builders and marine dealers to regular folks selling fishing tackle together.

Boats for sale in Houston; A buyer’s guide

Texas is one of America’s top two markets for recreational boating, representing a $1 billion industry, excluding the sale of previously owned boats and those not powered by motors. Then there is the $2 billion Texas anglers spend annually on boat gear and travel, and Houston is the state’s epicenter where most of the action takes place.

Fittingly, the boating market is strong and the boats for sale in Houston see rollouts of the latest boat-related technology. Before you choose a boat brand and model, consider these:

1. The initial purchase price isn’t all

If you’re buying a boat, the initial purchase price is just one of the costs you’re looking at. There is also gas and maintenance, including an oil change for every 200 hours you spend on the water. Then there is keeping the boat clean, waxed and properly stored; if you don’t take proper care of it, it will quickly depreciate.

2. Titles, registration and tax

All motorized boats, regardless of length, and all non-motorized boats, 14 feet or longer, must be titled. To apply for a title, you’ll need a signed bill of sale and a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin for new boats or an original signed title for a used boat. Boats that fall under the above description are also required to have current registration, and the TPWD collects tax on boats purchased on or after January 1, 2000. The same is true for boats brought into Texas, and the tax rate stands at 6.25% of the sales price.

The most popular boats for sale in Houston are the 18- to 21-foot center consoles, perfect for both boating and fishing, and that makes sense. Houston does sit in the perfect spot for both, with Galveston Bay and its inshore fishery at the city’s doorstep, and dozens of other fish-rich reservoirs peppered around eastern Texas. Keeping up with the latest in boating will be your biggest challenge.

After all, you want a model with good reliability and fuel efficiency, and good warranty. Many outboard manufacturers are now offering 10-year warranties on their engines and that gives a superior sense of ownership.

Then there are the marine electronics: GPS systems, “fishfinder” units, “smart” trolling motors and electronic shallow-water anchors, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to your preferences.

A decade or so ago, anglers in the Houston area would only swear by bass boats.
Today, that’s changed in favor of more “open” boats that can serve double-duty on lakes and coastal waters. There is also a penchant towards aluminum hulls. Maybe it’s the improvement in design and construction, or maybe it’s the durability factor, but the rise of light, maneuverable crafts is a trend that’s been around for a few years now, and it’s in keeping with convenient fishing in Texas’s shallow bays, lakes and rivers.

The top center console fishing boats right now include:

1. The Tracker Pro Guide V-16 Wt

Starting at $18,000 with a 60hp Mercury on the back, an aluminium construction and a trailer under the hull, this one’s a relatively small and inexpensive boat you can take on relatively big water.

2. The Ranger Rt178

This one’s on the list for its amazing standard features, from the trailer and Minn Kota Edge 45 trolling motor to the choice of color patterns and custom Ranger graphics.

3. The Carolina Skiff 18 JVX

Carolina Skiffs are known for their simple and Spartan designs and this one is no different. Rugged, easy to maintain and with a power plant in the 50 to 70 hp range, the 18 JVX is a no-brainer.

4. The Bayliner Element F18

And finally, built on Bayliner’s unique “M” hull, this boat is a dedicated fishing machine with an all-fiberglass stringer grid construction, a Mercury 90hp four-stroke on the back and a livewell alongside an electric trolling motor mount.

Boats for sale in Houston and BoatListr

Clearly, if you’re in the market for a boat, you have a lot to think about. There is the argument for a new boat vs. a used one for a start. Then you have things like boat shape, design and options, boat loans, boat taxes, the argument for a fishing boat vs. a pontoon boat and if you’re buying a used boat, the common problems you should be looking out for and, of course, understanding boat surveys.

At BoatListr, this is what we do. We put the latest boating news at your disposal, be it the inventory of the biggest boat manufacturers in America or used models that just hit the market, alongside tips for buying a boat, from concept to closing.

We also specialize in boats for sale in Houston, in keeping with the state and federal laws. Like the significance of listing your boat as a second home for tax deductions or using it for business in peer-to-peer rentals, running the occasional charter or entertaining onboard.

BoatListr is also a community of boat experts and private sellers, so whatever you’re looking for in terms of information, help or support, we’ve got it in one place.

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