Boats for Sale; Houston Craigslist vs. BoatListr

Boats for Sale; Houston Craigslist vs. BoatListr

There is no denying that Craigslist is a great way to sell things that you no longer need. It’s the go-to place for many people who are in the market for cars or car parts, services, antiques, appliances or even tickets to games, and therein lies its biggest drawback.

It’s just an advertisement website, with sections for everything and there is nothing professional, systematic or even helpful about it if you’re looking to buy or sell something bigger and more complex…like a boat.

For instance, type “Boats for Sale” on the Houston Craigslist and you’ll come up with listings for everything from power modules to tugger winches and actual boats for sale with a quick description, the asking price and not much else. Now if you’re buying a boat, we can all agree that you’ll need a lot more information and possibly advice.

It’s the reason why there are so many horror stories about Craigslist, and why many local police let you conduct the transaction in their facility. If you’re new to boating, maybe even that won’t be enough.

Boats for sale Houston, Texas

With its accessibility to large stretches of water like Galveston Bay, Clear Lake and Trinity Bay, the people of Houston are particularly partial to the boating lifestyle. After all, they get so many opportunities to just get out on the water for some quality fishing, watersports or family boating, and fittingly, the market for the purchase and sale of boats is very active.

There are the boats for sale on the Houston Craigslist, of course, but also boat dealerships, boat shows and online marketplaces specialized in everything boat related.

A boat dealership offers a number of advantages, the most important of which is dealers often service what they sell and they can act as a bridge between you and the manufacturer if warranty work is necessary, but there will be commissions and fees.

And when you buy at a boat show, you’re still purchasing from a dealership but at a specific time, and we believe when it comes to boats, no one should ever feel rushed or pressured to sign on that dotted line just to secure “a deal”.

That leaves you with buying a boat online or from a private seller, and we’ll cover both boats for sale on the Houston Craigslist and BoatListr.

Boats for Sale on the Houston Craigslist

Thinking of buying or selling a boat on the Houston Craigslist? You can give it a try, but here are some things to think about to protect yourself. After all, for as long as commerce has been around, there have been people who prey on the unsuspecting for their money, and with a platform as open as Craigslist, you have to know how to look for the red flags.

  1. Never give out your phone number or home address; If a buyer or seller wants to contact you, they can do so through the app.
  2. Avoid transactions through personal checks and money orders; These can be canceled before they are handed to you.
  3. Always meet somewhere public; No one should have a reason to enter your home.

When you’re selling a boat, one of the biggest red flags is a buyer so eager to get their new toy that they aren’t even interested in inspecting the boat or negotiating a better price. Their trick is to play on people’s desire for quick, painless cash transactions. Don’t be a victim of that; This is one of those times when dragging your feet is a good idea and could save you a bundle.

Boats for Sale on BoatListr

3 factors influence how quick you can sell a boat:

1. The condition of the boat
2. The marketing effort
3. The price

The price is by far the most critical element, but there is also demonstrating authority and expertise, and building trust. One way to do this is to learn about your boat and the current market trends, and prepare your listing script based on these information. You can also prepare a quick help list with resources like the mechanic, marine electronics, registry and insurance you used over the years, and maybe the boat’s booklet and Coast Guard documentation.

And this is what we do at BoatListr. We concentrate everything you need to know about boats and yachts, and the boating lifestyle, on a platform that’s free to use and with a digital footfall in the thousands per month. Whether you’re looking to buy a boat or sell one, we bring you the latest news from the market, including cancelled or rescheduled boat shows due to the pandemic, or those details to look at when buying a boat with a few years on it.

We also work with boat experts and brokers, and charter captains, all in the effort to build the most comprehensive database of information about life on water. After all, boats for sale on the Houston Craigslist are a great way to come up with a ballpark value, but whether you’re a buyer or a seller, there is a lot more homework you should be doing. With easy access to information, it’s becoming harder and harder to hide problems. Everyone reads reviews and articles these days, and everyone watches videos. If you aren’t, it puts you at a disadvantage.

To highlight the best features of your boat, you need to know them. To paint your boat in the best light, you need to know what buyers look at. To set a realistic asking price, you need to educate yourself about the boat market. You’ll also need to understand the basics of sales paperwork and processes like surveys, sea trials and legal and tax matters.

We can help you with all of that. Just head to and have instant access to a world of information and a community of boating experts. We also specialize in the sale of boating accessories and marine equipment.

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