Boats for Sale | A Guide To Sealing The Deal

Boats for Sale | A Guide To Sealing The Deal

Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell a boat, you’ve got a lot to think about. As a buyer, there’s choosing the type of boat that’s best for you and thinking about boat taxes and maintenance. As a seller, there’s deciding if you should have a survey done and settling on an asking price.

Either way, you’re looking at a lot of hours of research, and an online marketplace specialized in boats for sale can be of great help. In this post, we cover both the considerations when you’re buying a boat and those when you’re selling one. So if you’re just here for selling advice, skip to part 2.

Boats for Sale; A buyer’s guide

What are you looking for in your new boat? Do you just want something for quick after-work getaways? Will you be racing? Will you be entertaining guests onboard? Will you cruise off-shore and do a lot of overnighting? Where will you keep your boat…at a marina or do you want something you can put on a trailer and haul from one place to another?

Boats come in all shapes and sizes, from sailboards to large, powered vessels, and the type and size of boat you want can make a considerable difference to the buying process. Similarly, you can also have a boat built to order, sold new or sold second-hand, and this makes the question of how you intend to enjoy the water even more important.

The most common types of boats for sale in right now include:

1. Bowriders

This is your quintessential family boat with room for up to 8 passengers. They are known for their versatility, and they are great for day cruising and watersports.

2. Cruisers

They come in different sizes and with different amenities onboard, including cuddy cabins, aft cabins, express cruisers and motor yachts, but the idea is always a boat you can take out for a short jaunt or a long weekend on water.

3. Fishing boats

You’ve got the freshwater and saltwater models, built for versatility, durability and keeping your fishing gear organized with rod holders, baitwells, integrated tackle boxes and sometimes swim platforms.

4. Pontoon boats

If you’re a boating enthusiast, you would know of the popularity of these flattish boats that are used for everything from fishing to partying. They mix watersports versatility with cruising comforts, and easily fit over a dozen passengers. They are among the most common boats for sale on the market right now.

5. Trawlers

And finally, for long-distance cruising, this particular type of powerboat can’t be beat. They feature all the comforts of a home and they are designed to use minimal fuel when cruising at displacement speeds.

The next consideration is new vs. pre-owned boats for sale. This is a tough call for any boater, but more so if you’re a first-time buyer, because there is no right answer. It all depends on your personal preference, budget and maybe, to some degree, your mechanical aptitude.

The biggest reason to buy a new boat is to have a shiny, new toy and there is no question of how the boat has been used, or misused, over time. There is no history to uncover, and you can buy exactly what you want, enjoying the latest and greatest technology.

And if something goes wrong, you can always fall back on the manufacturer’s warranty.

Similarly, the biggest reason to go pre-owned is you can get something bigger and better for fewer dollars, amounting to a lower cost per year of ownership. And weirdly, there is also a reassurance to knowing your boat is equipped with time-tested technologies and any initial bugs would have been identified and fixed. Just make sure you get a survey and the boat doesn’t have the common and hidden problems of used boats, including engine issues, failing pumps, saturated foam, rot and cabin leaks and electrical issues.

Boats for Sale; A seller’s guide

Selling a used boat? The process doesn’t have to be as painful as you think. Just follow the 6 steps below and you should be on your way to collect on your investment and take a break from the water or, ideally, get on a newer, better toy.

1. Declutter and clean your baby

That rattle in the genset or the door you secure open with a bungee cord? You might have made peace with these quirks over time, but they can make your boat significantly less attractive to potential buyers and lower your chances for an upper hand in the sale.

2. Take the best on-the-water photos and videos you can

It’s true what they say: The first impression is the most important. A good picture or video of your boat can be the reason a buyer clicks on your listing rather than someone else’s.

3. Work out an asking price

Don’t be a victim of the endowment effect. Work out a realistic asking price based on the current market trends and listings you see of similar boats.

4. Prepare a listing script

So you have your photos and asking price, the next step is to write a listing script that demonstrates authority and expertise, and highlights the best features of your boat.

5. Advertise in the right places

Don’t limit yourself to generic advertisement websites like Craigslist. An online marketplace specialized in everything boat related is a much better place to find serious buyers.

6. Sell your boat with proper documentation

This includes the bill of sale, boat titles, proof of loan payoff and, if you have them handy, your warranty cards and maintenance records.

Get the help you need with BoatListr

And finally, if you’re unsure about anything boat related, including the latest trends when it comes to boats for sale, BoatListr is a premier source of information on the marine industry.

No matter your budget or question, we are a global search engine for boat news, reviews and listings. From the top 10 pontoon boats on the market right now to an in-depth review of the Boston Whaler 405 Conquest, we cover it all.

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