About BoatListr

About BoatListr

Robert Henri once mused “Why do we love the sea?”, and he seemed to think it’s because the sea has the power to make us think about the things we like. This probably explains why so many people are into the boating life.

After all, there is nothing quite like the solitude of water and those early morning outings for a robust paddle, or cruising off to an island, cooking out and getting a tan.

The trick is that boating is a complex and often expensive hobby. If you start with the costs for instance, there is the purchase price and the marina and mooring costs. Then you’ve got maintenance and repairs, and winter storage if you live up north, and of course, fuel and insurance, and those beers aren’t going to buy themselves.

So there is a lot happening here and our aim is to concentrate all the information you need about boats and the boating lifestyle in one place.

Keep up with the latest boat news

Do you know the best pontoon boats to hit the market in recent years? How about the features of the all-new Boston Whaler 405 Conquest? Did you happen to catch the news that the Monaco Yacht Show scheduled to kick off on September 23 was cancelled and will only return in September 2021?

The marine industry is a very dynamic space and we bring you the latest news from the market. We also work in close collaboration with boat experts, marinas and charter captains so unbiased boat reviews, tips for buying and selling, must-have gear and the latest in electronics, we cover it all. We also have a comprehensive library of information on boating safety and DIY tips, covering a range of performance boats, fishing vessels, pontoons and personal watercrafts.

The best boat listings in one place

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a boat, we also provide a platform with a digital footfall in the thousands per month. Our visitors come from all walks of life, be it boat builders, brokers, marinas or private sellers, and they all share the same passion for boating.

This ensures that the inventory we maintain includes models from some of the best boat brands in the market today: Boston Whaler, Chaparral, Bertram Yachts, Grady-White and MasterCraft. We also have models from Sea Ray with some of the most sophisticated sport boats and cruisers on water since 1959, Tracker Boats, which hold the title of being America’s best-selling aluminum fishing boats, Yamaha Boats, widely considered the best choice for buyers in the 19 to 24 foot category and Viking Yachts with some of the most recognizable toys on water.

Our inventory also includes used boats that make boating more affordable, but to make sure you’re getting the best value for money, we also help you look out for common problems in boats that once belonged to someone else. We help you inspect everything from the engine to the electrical systems and pumps, and we also help you understand when an inspection is enough and where a marine survey becomes important.

Accessories and parts

Last but not least, BoatListr also maintains a comprehensive inventory of boat parts and accessories. This includes:

• Boat paint
• Mounting solutions for radio, radar, television and WIFI antennas
• Fishing gear, including rod holders, tackle boxes and outriggers
• And things like boat covers

In the interest of being a global search engine for everything boat-related, we also carry an inventory of electrical components, navigation electronics and safety systems. This includes:

• Battery charges and switches
• Electrical panels
• Life vests and other survival suits
• Satellite phones
• Autopilot accessories
• Cameras, including underwater and thermal imaging models
• Fish finders
• And marine radars

A bargain bin also collects our top offers so we’d keep an eye on that space.

In summary, whether you’re looking to explore the pros and cons of getting into the boating life, or you’re just an enthusiast who likes to keep up with the latest from the leisure marine market, BoatListr provides a one-stop shop for you to do that. We are a community, dynamic and knowledgeable about the key issues of owning a boat, or else renting one or joining a boat club:

– Understanding what you’re getting into
– Considering all the costs
– Buying what you can afford, or else, getting the most boat for your money
– And making smart choices so your boat doesn’t end up being a money pit

Join us to truly enjoy being a boat owner, or at least understand what the boating lifestyle is all about when you remove all the terrible and often conflicted advice surrounding it.

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